About Uvalde Photo

Nancy & Arthur Sutton, owners of Uvalde Photo, welcome you to the website. Their portrait studio has been open for over twenty-five years right here in Uvalde, Texas.

Nancy is the photographer and Art is known as the “tech guy”.

Nancy started working at Uvalde Photo when she was twenty-one and became co-owner at age twenty-eight. She loves being a photographer and that passion is reflected in her work. She is a professional in every sense of the word and her portraits exhibit the experience and enthusiasm of a true artist.

For Art, photography had always been his hobby and in 1993 he decided to change professions and joined the studio that year. It is his job to keep the equipment running smoothly and he is the custom framer for the business. You’ll also find him behind the camera when Nancy needs assistance.

They both have loving families, a passion for photography and, above all, give God thanks for everything He has done in their lives.

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